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Evaluation Question 4 :

How did you integrate technologies – software, hardware and online – in this project? Click HERE for video: Throughout my project, software played a significant role. As I created my product, I used to update my magazine process.  This allowed me to be organized and monitor what I included in my magazine. Through my editing process and designing process I used software programs such as to help. To design my preliminary and final product, I used This software provided me with different templates that I edited to my liking for my magazine. I used different websites for my research. For example, I used as I research the different magazine conventions. This benefited me by providing the magazine conventions and the definition and impact on each convention. I used pinterest to find inspirations for my magazine pictures.
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Evaluation Question 3 :

How did your production skills develop throughout this project? Clich HERE or prezi: My production skills develop majorly throughout this project. Beginning the class, my editing school and comprehension of media text was not well. I was unsure on what many conventions and what they conveyed. However, as I continued with the class, I developed my skills though the editing process, camera techniques, and more.

Evaluation Question 2:

How does your product engage with audiences and how would it be distributed as a real media text? Click HERE for prezi: During the process of creating my project, I had to find my target audience and find effective ways to engage my audience. In modern days, the African American community is facing many situations from racism and stereotypes. As a young black female, I used my experiences and knowledge that will attract my target audience. My product engages with my audience through the issues presented and the ways the Afircan AMerican community  may come together to encourage one another. I included topics that my target audience will relate to the most because the older generation will  soon be gone and it will be left to the young generation. during my creation of the magazine, including  several topics that my audience may be immune to such as the latest youth that's inspiring and ways they can do the same. This allowed me to not only engage my audience and

Evaluation Question 1

How does your product use or challenge conventions and how does it represent social groups or issues? Click HERE for video:  Evaluation Question 1 As I developed my magazine, I was researching many magazines I may relate to. I was inspired through many photos and magazines, which allowed me to find ideas on how my magazine may look and come out. On my cover page some, my masthead was “ The Impact” to correlate with the text. I designed my masthead with bold letters to have the “impact “ affected. I used a light brown to go with my color scheme and the background of my cover image.  I was inspired by many magazines  such as “Essence” and “Ebony” that used bold letters to attract their audience.  As I went through the processes of creating my product, my theme was “professionalism”. I want my model to have a very neat appearance and a leader demonor. Therefore, I wanted to have the office background to show the professional setting. My magazine consisted of cover lines, pug,  and a bar c

Magazine Final Pages


Developing Cover Page

 As I began to choose my pictures to use for my magazine, I wanted to use something where the background is nice and professional . I wanted my  model to be highlighted in the middle,  the center.  Below is two out of three cover pages I began to design to see how it may come out :  In both of these magazine covers , I did not want to have a image that takes away the model spotlight from its surroundings. For example, in the second image the background included bags, food, and more. This was going to give the model a bad image based on the surroundings. Therefore, I did not choose this magazine cover.

Feature Story

     Janice Coakley is known for her mentorship and dedication. Coakley was always known to impact her community through her leadership roles in her community. “ As I hold many leadership positions, I see the different opportunities that young children have such as Girl Scouts,” said Coakley. Through observing and witnessing the influences Girl Scouts has made in young girls Coakley decided to enter her daughter in the wonderful organization. “ I actually joined and decided to do Girl Scouts because the only way my daughter can enter the organization is if I became a leader.”      As time passed Coakley continued to stay in the organization for 30 more years after her daughter graduated  high school. She has now been a mentor and influencer for over 30 middle and high school girls. Some goals of Girl Scouts of USA is to develop girl skills, open opportunities, make their community better through their creativity,  and more. As Coakley continued she was encouraged to open opportunities